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Prostitutes wanted on Copenhagen student job bank

Ad from 'High Paying Escort Jobs' was found on the University of Copenhagen job bank, which students and recent graduates use to find work

It’s clear that students find it hard to get a job, but just how far are they willing to go?

An advertiser thinks the answer is ‘all the way’.

The advertisers are essentially looking for prostitutes on the University of Copenhagen’s job bank, an essential resource for study-related employment opportunities.

Robot does it

An ad was spotted by University Post on 2 September, with the title Full Time Job for Female Companion. Call us now!. The company responsible for the ad, High Paying Escort Jobs, could not be reached for comment by the University Post in spite of repeated requests.

The University Post was able to contact the coordinators of the job bank site, Move On Communications, who have managed all job bank websites for universities in Denmark since 2008.

Their response? Essentially, blame the robot!

Uses ‘job trawler’

‘”This particular job ad was found off of our international job bank, and is not technically run through our database,” says Tomasz Otap, IT Manager at Move On Communications. ”This job search feature is like a window into the outside world. You are able to enter the job keywords and the country of interest, and the search engine compiles relevant job postings.”

His colleague, Helene Jacobsen, Production Manager at Move On Communications explains:

”There are two ways jobs can be posted on the website. Individuals can go into the webpage and upload an ad. We read every ad, and say yes or no. Sometimes there is spam, and we won’t accept that,” she says.

Jacobsen adds that ”the other way jobs get posted, is by the robot job trawler. This ‘robot’ searches different companies and job bank websites in Denmark, and picks up relevant postings, depending on your search criteria” .

Fun loving females

This would mean that a student could search virtually any type of job through the university’s website, such as female escort, and find a relevant job posting that may have come from another source, but is listed below the identifiable UCPH banner (see image below).

To an electronic, search enginge robot, the ad itself does have some student-related qualities. The company calls themselves a ‘top recruitment agency’, which could be mistaken for a job placement agency. It also states that no experience is required, which is common amongst students looking for their first real job. What doesn’t seem so academic, however, is the trait description for the posting:

“We are looking for personable, beautiful, and fun loving females,” the ad says on

Although Scandinavian students do hold a reputation in regards to appearance and weekend partying habits, we doubt that it is to the degree that this company is expecting.

‘Not responsible for external content’

Since Move On Communications was informed of the escort ad this morning by the University Post, they have changed the online job bank’s structure.

”Before, we had a frame system that showed the header for the job bank. the job itself was on an external website, but looked like it was right in the ku job bank. After seeing this ad, we have changed the system so the job bank now links directly to the external website,” says Tomasz Otap.

There is also a front page that appears before heading to the external site, stating that the UCPH job bank is not responsible for its content.

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