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Rector got 7 metres of student proposals

A long list of suggestions to improve student life delivered to University of Copenhagen's Rector Ralf Hemmingsen in happening

The Student Council at the University of Copenhagen has collected a series of suggestions from students throughout the different campuses, and from them made a seven metre long list.

Wednesday, it was duly delivered to Rector Ralf Hemmingsen, who politely received them in front of central campus.

The list included everything from a »new university law« to »higher student grants,« to more specific suggestions such as including »students in hiring committees,« for staff. Add to this »Free coffee« and »a concert with Britney Spears«.

You can see the list on the Student Council website here: Student wish list (in Danish).

Will talk with the deans about it

Rector Ralf Hemmingsen avoided promising too much when he received the list.

»It is not Christmas, but I will take a good look at it,« said the head of the University, who was also asked about where the long list can be kept or displayed.

»I want to present it to the deans first, who are right now waiting for me inside, and I will find an appropriate place for it later,« he said.

Student Council: Listen to students

Some of the wishes on the list come as a surprise even for the Student Council.

»It has surprised me that so many students throughout the different faculties at our university have specific suggestions for improvements.«

»This could mean that there should be a more general discussion at the University of Copenhagen on how you should listen to our students,« says vice-chairman of the Student Council Maria Toft.

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