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Rector: University faces cuts of 4-700 staff

The University of Copenhagen faces cutbacks totalling at least DKK 200-300 million or 400-700 positions in the coming years. This is after a politicial agreement yesterday

The University of Copenhagen can look forward to cutbacks totalling at least DKK 200-300 million in 2013 – the equivalent of 400-700 positions in the coming years. This is the stark warning that was sent out at 3.45 pm Wednesday in a circular to all staff and students by the Rector of the University of Copenhagen Ralf Hemmingsen.

The surprising circular by Rector comes after the Danish Government and its supporting Danish People’s Party agreed on terms for a reconstruction of the Danish economy Tuesday.

»If sustained, the agreement will have significant impact on the University of Copenhagen’s financial situation and as such I find it relevant to inform of the perspectives already at this early stage,« Ralf Hemmingsen explains.

Dramatic impact

Universities’ research and education will face a surprising reduction. While ambitions for an increase in public research to one per cent of GDP has been maintained, Danish GDP is decreasing, so the government has chosen to reduce research appropriations by DKK 203 million in 2012 and DKK 748 million in 2013.

To add to this, the political parties have agreed to a substantial reduction in administration and a 0.5 per cent annual cutback on each ministerial area. In total, Danish universities will be down by DKK 428 mio in 2012.

»Clearly, the universities must play their part in restoring the national economy. But this operation will lead to dramatic consequences for research and the quality of education,« Ralf Hemmingsen writes.

More plans this fall

While the government has yet to announce how the cutbacks will affect each university, the University of Copenhagen makes up one third of the Danish university sector.

»At this moment, it appears that the University of Copenhagen may experience cutbacks totalling least DKK 200-300 mio in 2013. That is the equivalent of downsizing by 400-700 positions in the coming years,« the Rector writes.

After consultation with the university board and staff representatives, specific plans for financial adaptation will be presented this autumn, he adds.