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Rector welcomes international students

The University of Copenhagen held its annual matriculation ceremony Thursday evening. The rector officially welcomed all new exchange and full degree students

The traditional Matriculation Ceremony at Ceremonial Hall Thursday drew crowds of new international students. They listened attentively to speech made in English by Rector Ralf Hemmingsen.

In his speech, the Little Mermaid took centre stage. Since she has been sent to Shanghai to be part of the 2010 EXPO, Hemmingsen compared the tiny world-famous statue to the newly-arrived international students.

»Perhaps you have something in common with the Little Mermaid: you will recognise the feeling of being in between two cultures,« he said.

Participation is expected

The Rector also explained the Danish learning culture to the new arrivals from abroad.

»Do not expect to just be seated in a chair acquiring knowledge; you are welcome to engage in discussions and make presentations,« he said.

Attend social events

Hemmingsen also stressed the importance of attending every social activity with other students, events organized by each faculty, cooking dinner together, etc.

He also mentioned the Kubulus University alumni association that arranges many activities for students.

Click here to join Kubulus

Following the speeches, there was cake and coffee in the courtyard Lindegården, where internationals got the opportunity to meet their fellow students.

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