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Repair job begins on disputed ground mural

Bjørn Nørgaard's artwork at Science campus finally gets its makeover after copper theft and safety complaints

After much debate, repairs have finally begun on the ground mural Biological Diversity (see the gallery here) by renowed Danish artist Bjørn Nørgaard with the decision to use copper colouring to avoid theft.

In 2008 the ground mural measuring 10m by 33m and composed of granite, copper and steel was created to decorate the (former faculty of, ed.) LIFE campus.

Earlier this year, Nørgaard publicly vented his frustration after the artwork was ruined in 2011 due to stolen metals and demanded that the University fix the artwork.

Copper-colour, instead of copper, keeps everyone happy

Restoration costs were estimated as DKK 1.5-2.5 million which the university could not afford and Head of Communications at Science, Joakim Groth acknowledged the risk that the metals would just be stolen again.

Cost wasn’t the only issue associated with restoring the artwork, safety hazards were also a hot topic as Biological Diversity had been criticised for its slippery surface due to the metals and even referred to as “an ice skating rink of garbage” by Mathies Andersen, a student at the Faculty of Science.

Copper-colouring will help keep costs down and prevent theft, but will also mean less embarrassing slips and falls in the future, keeping everyone happy.

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