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Report: Danes and international students keep it separate in Copenhagen

New survey shows that international students at the University of Copenhagen have little contact with Danish students

International students and Danish students don’t mix and mingle with each other at the University of Copenhagen.

This is according to a new report on the educational environment at University of Copenhagen conducted by Rambøll Management Consulting. Almost 8,000, or one in five of all University of Copenhagen students, took part in the survey. 648 of them were international students.

Only 16 per cent of international students had ‘lots of contact’ with their Danish co-students, the report writes.

»A sad exception«

Rector Ralf Hemmingsen says that this is »a sad exception« to the overall positive responses.

And students are generally positive about their place of study: Nine out of every ten students are either satisfied or very satisfied with their education and the social activities at the university. Their views on future prospects after graduation also score high.

Commenting on the results, Rector Hemmingsen says: »I can see that the faculty action plans that we have carried out since 2007 have affected this year’s survey positively«.

Change in make-up of respondents

The level of contact with Danes is lower than in a previous survey from 2007.

However, questioned by the University Post, Rambøll explains that the lower level of contact this time round is likely to be due to a change in the make-up of the respondents surveyed.

The full report is in Danish here: ’Investigation of the study- and educational environment at University of Copenhagen’

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