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Research café to serve crickets, worms and grasshoppers

Join the Research and Innovation Café when they share their research on insects for food while serving crunchy samples this Thursday

If you have nothing to do on Thursday afternoon, you could join the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences when they serve bee larvae soup while researchers from different fields will talk about the benefits and challenges of serving insects for humans and animals.

If the talk gets a little too technical, you can enjoy a cold honeybee beer from the company, Bybi, and indulge in a sassy mix of salty chips made from mole crickets, grasshoppers, bamboo worms and silk worms.

“In terms of the environment and sustainability, insects are a better source for food than, say, cattle,” says Jørgen Eilenberg, planner of the event. “The challenge is that we don’t eat insects in the West. And why is that?”

Get ideas for student projects

The Research and Innovation Café provides a chance for students to get in direct contact with scientists. Jørgen Eilenberg stresses that the café is not only relevant to students from the natural sciences.

“The field is very broad and the presentations will also be interesting for students from for example economics, sociology or the humanities. And the students will be able to talk to the scientists about their projects.”

The idea behind the café is to inspire students, and the event will end with presentations of potential student projects within the field of Insects for Food and Feed.

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