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Resigned Maersk Oil CEO will carry on as UCPH board member

STATUS QUO – UCPH chairman Niels Strandberg Pedersen guarantees that board member Jakob Thomasen will not see his place affected by the fact that he is no longer the CEO of Maersk Oil.

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) has wanted representatives from business and industry on its board since the 2003 university reform.

One such representative is Jakob Thomasen, who until recently was also CEO of Maersk Oil. He no longer occupies the role after a split from Maersk, which led to the closure of Maersk Oil.

According to UCPH’s chairman, Nils Strandberg Pedersen, Jakob Thomasen will carry on with his board member role.

“It has no impact. Jakob Thomasen is chosen on the basis of his personal capacities and his qualifications remain the same as before, even though he is no longer CEO of Maersk Oil,” says Strandberg Pedersen.

He’s not a board member because of Maersk

Nor is it appropriate to discuss Thomasen in the context of his Maersk Oil resignation, according to Strandberg Pedersen.

“He didn’t become a member of UCPH’s board because he was director of Maersk Oil, but because of his CV, and what he has achieved. He has strong industry and international experience. Moreover, he has sat on one of UCPH’s advisory boards, where he has been highly active. Jakob Thomasen also a graduate of Geology at UCPH and has strong knowledge of the university and experience with research,” says Strandberg Pedersen.