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Review: Shakespeare Unplugged

Featuring a combination of Shakespearian verse and half-drunken banter, two pub goers guide a young bartender towards the woman of his dreams

Two enthusiastic Englishmen settle in for a night of football at the local pub when a power outage changes the course of their evening. No longer able to watch the game, their attention is drawn instead to the young bartender who is lovesick and in need of guidance.

Who best to advise on love than the king of dramatic love stories, William Shakespeare.

With a combination of Shakespearian verse and half-drunken banter, Andrew Jeffers and Ian Burns as Derek and Jon attempt to guide the young bartender towards the woman of his dreams. Will a “crash course in Shakespearian wooing” end in true love or in complete disaster, Romeo and Juliette style?

Night at the Pub

Can’t decide between going to the pub or going to the theatre? You don’t have to.

Upon entering, guests are encouraged to walk on set and order a beer from the bar to enjoy during the performance. Audience members who arrive first are able to sit at tables alongside the actors. Pub meets theatre in this unconventional setup that perfectly complements the intermittent sonnets and raunchy humor.

Director Barry McKenna creates an atmosphere that is friendly and low-key. The actors interact with the audience just enough to engage people without causing discomfort to those who prefer a passive viewing experience.

Lessons about love

Already forgotten the Shakespeare plays you read in high school? Not to worry. No need to be a Shakespeare buff to enjoy the performance. From Hamlet to Macbeth to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare Unplugged transforms the daunting English verses into simple life lessons about love.

Something is not rotten in the state of Denmark, so call up your friends and head down to the pub for a drink and some poetry.

Shakespeare Unplugged runs from 17 February until 19 March 2016 at Krudttønden. For more information visit That Theatre Company website.

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