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Review: SU pasta at FAMO

'SU Pasta' or 'study grant pasta' is a monthly offer of delicious food for an affordable price

FAMO is an Italian restaurant located on Saxogade 3, about ten minutes’ walk from Copenhagen Central Station. Central, but not too close to the overwhelmingly noisy and crowded streets of Copenhagen for you to enjoy a cozy dinner.

You will notice the clean and neat look of the front of the restaurant at first glance. Get closer, and you will see quite a few Michelin-recommended stickers on the bottom of the front door, telling you that you should have high expectations for the food they serve. When you enter, the warm lighting, the modern interior design and the contemporary arts on the wall will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, not to mention the friendly and professional waiters and waitresses.

Italian restaurant FAMO on Saxogade 3. Photo: Yifan Liu

It is a place to treat yourself after a hard day’s work at the University… but that is not the reason why we are reviewing a restaurant on University Post, this is a review of the student specific monthly event at FAMO named ‘SU Pasta’.

The concept of SU Pasta

Usually a dinner at FAMO would cost you around DKK 350 per person, however, if you are interested in great food and socializing at the same time, instead of spending a fortune, FAMO offers students an alternative choice which is ‘SU Pasta’.

Interior design at FAMO. Photo: Yifan Liu

Every first Monday of the month, Restaurant FAMO reserves dozens of seats just for students, offering a three course Italian dinner including a glass of wine for just DKK 200.

This is not the only difference between ‘SU Pasta’ and a normal dining experience. Students coming to this event are arranged to sit next to each other around the same table, so that you can get to know each other and chat throughout the whole dinner, if you want. In this way, the atmosphere of ‘SU Pasta’ feels much more like a cosy feast instead of a conventional full course dinner with your friend or partner.

The food

The Italian food at FAMO is simply delicious. Waiters come with different dishes and present them orally. There are around seven different dishes in total such as the impressively good risotto, the refreshing homemade macaroni and the finely displayed dessert.

A chef at FAMO cooking homemade macaroni. Photo: Yifan Liu

All dishes are made of high quality ingredients just as you would expect from a Michelin-recommended restaurant and portions of the dishes are generous.

Overall, ‘SU Pasta’ might be the best Italian full course dining experience you can get in Copenhagen for DKK 200. Definitely worth trying out with a friend!

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