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Robberies up as thieves target smartphones

50 per cent more robberies since 2007. Gadgets people carry are easier to steal

Nearly 50,000 people were robbed in Denmark last year. This was a 4 per cent increase on 2012, but a dramatic 50 per cent rise since 2007. The new crime statistics are reported by and

Sociologist Rannvá Thomsen of the National Crime Prevention Council attributed the increase to the number of valuable items that people carry around today, such as smart phones and iPads.

“Firstly these items are valuable, and secondly they’re relatively easy to steal – people often keep their phones in pockets or at the top of their handbags which makes them easy bait for criminals. Stolen phones are also easy to sell,” she says.

Local police problem

A spokesman for the national police acknowledged the ever-growing number of robberies but said it’s up to local police districts to prioritise their resources to combat the problem.

Article in Danish here.

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