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Round 2: The bad, the worse and the ugly

The two first finalists, hoping to win an iPad 1, have been found. Vote on who is to follow them in Round 2 of our competition: The bad, the worse and the ugly.

Eplehuset, our sponsor, is donating an iPad 1 to the reader with the best good or bad experience they have had at the University of Copenhagen.

The competition is run simultaneously on the University Post and our Danish sister-site, Universitetsavisen. Thank you to the Danish- and English-speaking readers for the stories submitted so far.

Kirstine is still in the competition: She had to spend her Easter Break studying the physiology of the intestines on her own, because last year’s cutbacks meant fewer lessons. Also still competing for the iPad, is Denise – the only one to be left behind in the lab when the fire alarm went off in her building.

Who is to follow them to Round 2? You decide from this week’s competitors:

We have chosen two good and two bad experiences:

A sweaty experience:

Bo is not entirely sure whether this is a good or a bad experience. The sweet cleaning lady at the office asked him if he wasn’t getting a little fat. He was wearing his cycling-outfit, as he was taking part in a ‘we cycle to work’ campaign for university. This is a good experience, Bo! You probably needed that gentle push in the right direction.

A disgusting experience:

Jesper had a sweet tooth, but wanted to be good to his body. He bought two bags of sugarfree sweets for his four-hour written exam in Biochemistry. Bad move: Sorbitol is unfortunately a potent laxative. The examiner gave up on chaperoning Jesper to the toilet after his fourth visit.

A fantastic experience:

Tina gave in to the sunshine and biked from uni through the city, smiling at everyone on her way. She didn’t notice that her bag was stolen while she was smiling. Thankfully others did, and the thief was caught. Tina’s smiles were rewarded, and she got her bag back.

A terrible experience:

Astrid is working on her PhD with no funding whatsoever, despite having been approved for a full bursary. The administration is fumbling with her Masters certificate, so she hasn’t been able to provide the proof necessary for her funding to be paid out. She had to wait a year and a half for her bachelor certificate, so she fears the worst.

It’s your choice

Vote for the experience that made the biggest impression on you below.

The winning experience will compete in the Final Round for an iPad 1. New and old entries can still compete to win in the final. Submit your best or worst university-related story in the comment section below. The rules are described in the first article.

All comments will be read. We promise.