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Russian president Medvedev in Copenhagen

University of Copenhagen's Green Lighthouse the venue of Russian leader's visit

The leader of the world’s largest country, Dmitrij Anatoljevitj Medvedev, is passing by University of Copenhagen, Wednesday 28 April.

President Medvedev is here to check out the university’s CO2-neutral showcase, the Green Lighthouse with Rector Ralf Hemmingsen, and the CEO’s of Danish corporations COWI and Velux followed by a small army of security agents.

The Russian president has been the chairman of the energy giant Gazprom, and can therefore easily judge whether the building is an example of how not to make buildings if the world is to keep thirsting for fossil fuels.

Co-operation with Krasnodar

The presidential visit is also the occasion of the University of Copenhagen signing a co-operation agreement between the U of C’s Faculty of Life Sciences and the Russian university Kuban State Agrarian University in Krasnodar.

Read more about the presidential visit in Danish here.