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Science and Cocktails event: What about the climate?

What's up with the weather? Nerds and non-nerds alike gather in Christiania to hear the latest climate change news while sipping on bubbling cocktails . We talked to Tuesday's speaker Professor Halsnæs

Flooding, hurricanes, heat waves, heavy rains, droughts… Extreme weather events have drawn the attention on the consequences of climate change for human life and infrastructure.

In the second installment of this year’s Science & Cocktails, Kirsten Halsnæs, Professor in Climate and Economics at DTU and member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), will give us the latest news on the science and politics of climate change.

The issue is especially relevant as the IPCC prepares to release its report on climate change mitigation in early 2014. What can we do to improve green development? How can new forms of international climate change collaboration be established? ”Serious ethical issues are at stake,” says Professor Halsnæs to the University Post, ”and the poorest in the world are suffering from dirty energy consumption and lifestyle in OECD countries. It is time to look for solutions.”


Science in a chilled glass

Science & Cocktails is known its mix of live music, art performances and witty presentations that make the most obscure of research subjects enjoyable. The audience is a mixed bag of nerds, non-nerds and hippie types all gathered in Christiania’s own cinema, Byens Lys.

”I am excited about Science & Cocktails,” says Professor Halsnæs, ”the setting and audience are new to me and I will try to present new themes, that hopefully can create discussion about what we are doing with our world and how we can do better through economic development and our personal life.”

After the talk, the resident mixologists will serve the signature dry-ice cocktails and Oslo based noise-rock band Moon Relay will serve up entertainment. Click here for a taste of their music.

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