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Science fiction festival with laptop orchestras, artificial intelligence

Get culturally reloaded and party all night when Department of Arts and Cultural Studies (IKK) opens its doors for its Science Fiction Festival

If you are into neon lights, electronic music, artificial intelligence or futuristic pieces of art, you should stop by this year’s Science Fiction-themed IKK-Festival at KUA March 6-7.

In the course of two days, the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies will offer a range of cultural events. Especially worth mentioning is the band “Københavns LaptopOrkester” who will play electronic music with software they built themselves. Or what about joining the interactive workshop “Fake, futuristic and frightening soundscapes” ?

“The theme of science fiction is a little unheard of in the department. Students will have the opportunity to explore something they don’t normally work with – something that’s a bit controversial” says Pernille Kjær, who is in the festival’s organizing group.

Sci-fi party

The events will take place all over building 21 at KUA and all students are welcome at any time. However, most of the events will be in Danish.

But if Danish is not your strong suit, don’t despair! For example, two English-speaking students from the IT University will give a talk about their project on artificial intelligence. And all the concerts will appeal to English-speaking science fiction fans as well as the Danish ones.

The festival will end with a splendid science fiction party at KUA2 until 4 am in the morning.

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