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Science PhDs the most excited

Researchers at the Faculty of Science are thrilled to bits, shows survey

Research into subjects like Physics, Geology, and Biology is, apparently, the most exhilarating. This is according to a University Post survey among international PhD students at the University of Copenhagen.

More than 50 per cent of international Science PhDs reckon they are ‘quite a lot’ or ‘very’ excited on a typical day.

Among the whole of the University of Copenhagen’s international PhDs, (including Science), only 43 per cent respond in the same way.

Fever of excitement

Counting the Faculty of Science respondents that are ‘a bit’ excited in a typical day gives an even more overwhelming response: More than 95 per cent reckon themselves a bit, quite a lot, or very excited on a typical day.

With labs and offices at Science brimming with the fever of excitement, the following statistic is no surprise: Science PhDs are also the least bored among international PhDs, with 55 per cent saying that they are ‘not at all’ bored on a typical day.

This compares to the statistic for all international PhDs at the University where only 46 per cent are ‘not at all’ bored.

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