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Science Slam 2013: See the pics

Fifth edition of University of Copenhagen's Science Slam: Here are the results, and the pictures

The fifth edition of the University of Copenhagen Science Slam went on stage last Friday, once again at Studenterhuset. The location seems to be a fitting surrounding for the notorious brain competition, offering a chilled and friendly atmosphere. About 150 people gathered, keen on getting insights from the intricate sometimes mysterious world of science.

Participants – coming from Denmark, Germany the US and beyond – were excited and slightly nervous before their public speaking moment, but all of them eventually succeeded in entertaining the audience.

The winner of this edition was Dana, who came up with a surprisingly interactive presentation and a topic which everybody could easily relate to.

Neuroscience of art

She studies human biology, and explored the neuroscience of it, particularly what makes us feel happy about art.

See the pictures in the gallery here , and below this article.

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