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Scientists win prize for animal feed work

Plum prize to UCPH scientist team for work on plant toxins

A team of scientists at the University of Copenhagen has won the Danish science prize, nominated by readers of

Readers judged what were the most influential research results, and reckoned that a team lead by Professor Barbara Ann Halkier from the Center of Excellence for Dynamic Molecular Interactions (DynaMo) should win.

They found a way to hinder unwanted toxins in the edible parts of the rapeseed plant. This means that farmers no longer have to worry when feeding their animals.

Exceeded wildest imagination

The results are an important advance for the farming industry as they will now enable farmers to use the more nutritional and cheaper rape seed as animal feed, rather than importing soy which they currently use to feed their animal stocks.

In a ceremony held later today Wednesday, the group of researchers will be presented with the 2012 award for ‘Best Research Result’ by The researchers have been voted the best by more than 3000 readers.

Professor Barbara Ann Halkier recounts the day when she first realised they had removed the toxins: »I will never forget the day when Tonni and Hussam came up and showed me the zero digit on the screen. It exceeded even our wildest imagination«.

Watch how the scientists are conducting research here.

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