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See, feel, taste the newest research

During the annual Festival of Research, the public can experience the latest scientific developments

Two sunny days in April, students and researchers from University of Copenhagen are assembled at the Town Hall Square to share their work with people passing by.

The event is part of the annual Festival of Research intended to enhance public interest and understanding of current research in an unconventional, interactive way.

People in all ages are invited to take part in experiments ranging from stress tests to sunscreen fabrication based on oranges. It is also possible to taste some nutritious caterpillars or a bit of freshly squeezed cabbage juice.

See our photo gallery of the many activities here

Curious about the size of a dinosaur egg or the appearance of bull semen? Wanna munch some crispy caterpillar? The festival continues until 29 April at 16:00.

Read more and see the full program here (in Danish)

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