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See my student job: Patrick helps international students

Students at the University of Copenhagen work jobs an average of five hours a week, but what do they do when they clock in at a student job? The University Post asked several students how they spend their days

Name? Patrick Jim Hedensted
Subject? Middle East Studies, 10th semester
Student? I am an international student counsellor and coordinator at the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (INSS) and work 15 hours a week. I sit in the office with the department’s academic union (AC) counsellor and we cooperate really well, both internally on the study guide, and with the rest of the department’s administration.

How long have you worked there? Since March 2015. Before that I worked for three years as a student assistant in the international area at the Faculty of Humanities.

How did you get the job? A former colleague from the Faculty of Humanities was AC counsellor at INSS. She called me one day and asked if I wanted to apply for the job, and so I did – and got it.

Describe a day at your student job
On a normal day at the office, I have phone time for a few hours and then do personal counselling for a few hours. I do counselling both for incoming and outgoing students. This means that I both have contact with the department’s own students and with students who come here from other countries to study here with us. When there are no ‘customers’ in the store, there are many other things to be done. I have, for example, responsibility for maintaining contact with our partner universities and checking up on the students that we send out. I will update websites and digital media, sign up incoming students for classes and a lot of other things. Apart from this I also conduct international network meetings, do outgoing student events at the faculty, organise intro presentations for international students, and do presentations for the BA and MA studies. It is in fact a very rewarding job. I’m here to help the students act on their desire to travel the world and it is seldom that I have bad news for them. I myself have been abroad twice, and I love helping our students travel the world and get the same experiences that I had.

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