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16 law students from around the world face each other down for the final round of Copenhagen Competition in the Ceremonial Hall

Four finalist teams of law students from around the world are arguing their heads off in the Ceremonial Hall. Among them is the University of Copenhagen team. The four girls are facing finalists from Yale University, National University of Singapore and University of Cape Town.

Before the heated discussions started we caught team members off guard in the back room. The boys from the National University of Singapore team reported that they enjoyed very much their stay in Copenhagen and the competition. They added that they are excited about the final debate. Christina from the University of Copenhagen team told us that she was very pleased with the progress of the negotiations. She too feels excited and ready for the finals.

University Post was also in place with our camera for the final round discussions.

Our photos will give you a taste of the feisty competition. Check out our Gallery:Copenhagen Competition Finals

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