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See the new internationals at orientation meeting

Despite cold and snow, many new international students arrived at the orientation meeting at KUA to get important information and for friendly networking. We have captured the event in pictures

Getting to the orientation meeting proved to be a hassle for some students.

First you had to find the KUA lecture hall. For some students it proved such a difficult task, that they arrived up to an hour late.

Then, once you arrived, you were overloaded with flyers. Studenterhuset, USG and Erasmus to name a few. University Post was also there to give out our postcards which also serve as a free drink voucher at our Party March 16, 2012.

Finally, you are in the lecture hall. Now it’s about finding a seat – preferably next to someone you know. But spotting someone was not that easy. Many students turned up, which meant that most rows were packed.

Friends and info

After scribling away on the notepad trying to capture all the impostant information, a break from the many presentations seemed long overdue. When it finally arrived, chatter and movement filled the hall as new acquaintances were made and old friends laughed over coffee.

The University Post captured the vibe in a picture gallery here.
See even more pictures from the event on facebook here.

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