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See the photos: Euraxess career roadshow

Career and research ''tour bus'' brought CV photographers, workshops, and job-hunting tips to students and researchers

Having a picture on a CV: yes or no? Yes, but make it a good one!

With this in mind, a photo studio was set up at the Frederiksberg Campus as part of the Euraxess Roadshow, a travelling career and research-themed ”tour bus”, with a day full of talks, workshops and tips on job-hunting for young researchers. Judging by the long line that wrapped around the bus, the initiative was successful.

See the photos here, or check out the gallery below.

Short and sweet

Highlights of the day included a presentation of ERC grants, supporting talented scientists who are about to establish their own research group, and Marie Curie Actions, open to researchers of all levels of experience.

Finally, Franco Soldera from NemCV gave some tips on CV composition. ”Keep it short. A CV is just a teaser: if they want to hear the full story, they’ll have to call you in,” he said.

For those who missed the event, the International House regularly holds free workshops on CV writing, while the Euraxess job portal can be consulted here.

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