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See the photos: Students dig into tasty insect feast

Bee larvae soup and grasshopper crisps - culinary delights served at the Department of Plant and Environmental Science

Students’ taste buds were put to the test, as the Department Food Science, Plant and Environmental Science, and the Nordic Food Lab teamed up to share their research about insects as a food source for both animals and humans!

”We don’t eat insects in the West, and why is that?” wonders Jørgen Ellenberg, organizer of the Insects for Food event. The sustainability aspect of insects as a food source was explored and promoted, and adventurous foodies were given a taste of this alternative cuisine.

Dig in!

While the honey bee beer sounded rather refreshing, other dishes were a slightly harder sell. However, the bee larvae soup was a surprising hit, and students were just as curious and they were skeptical about the cricket, worm, and grasshopper crisps. ”It tastes a bit like something you would feed fish!” remarked UCPH student Anna.

The Research and Innovation Café: Insects for Food and Feed was the first in a series of events where researchers and students from the Department of Plant and Environmental Science at UCPH will present their exciting research and share their project ideas. Stay updated about upcoming café events here.

Check out the photos from the informative and delicious event here, or see the gallery below.

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