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See the photos: Students going OVERBOARD in crazy campus boat race 2014

Not quite the Oxford-Cambridge boat race, the Faculty of Humanities teamed up with the IT university in their own boat race across the canal

While Anglo-American universities have a long tradition of facing off in highly competitive rowing races, the University of Copenhagen has yet to establish a tradition.

Not until 2014, that is.

See the photos of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen attempting to sink the neigbouring IT university in the Emil Holms Kanal between the Humanities’ KUA and the IT universities’ buildings.

Unlike their Anglo-American counterparts, the rule was that each relay participant had to cross the channel in the boat, get out, down a beer, and then turn around ten times, before going back across the channel.

Not surprisingly, some of the participants, well all, got wet. See the pictures below (photos by Seraina Nett)!

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