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See the videos: Students and staff sing 'Batman' and other hits at KUA

Musicology students took the lead at the Faculty of Humanities KUA to bring on the weekend with a cheerful ''morning song'' performance. Check out the videos

Music students inspire springtime cheer to students and staff with a morning serenade – how charming!

Our reporter, Peter Fitzpatrick, was on the scene to catch the upbeat Music Studies students with this months edition of Morgensang (Morning Song), which pays tribute to the springtime sun, our lovely city of Copenhagen, and Batman!

Didn’t make it to campus to catch the show? See the videos here.

Den blå anemone (The blue anemone)

[video: width:432 height:324 align:center]
[video: width:432 height:324 align:center]

Lyrics: Kaj Munk (1943)
Music: Egil Harder (1945)

Batman Theme

[video: width:432 height:324 align:center]

Lyrics and music: Neal Hefti (1966)

Hilsen til forårssolen (Greetings to the springtime sun)

[video: width:432 height:324 align:center]

Lyrics: Benny Andersen (1981)
Music: Povl Dissing (1981)

Forelsket i København (In love with Copenhagen)

[video: width:432 height:324 align:center]

Lyrics: Sejr Volmer Sørensen 1960
Music: Bent Fabricius-Bjerre 1960

Be sure to head over to campus on 4 April and 9 May for the next editions of Morning Song!

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