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See your university on network map

A new interactive map shows how international research collaborations connect the world's universities

Olivier H. Beauchesne of the French company, Science-Metrix has looked into how universities research across continents and borders. Beachesne has made a map using data from nearly all of the world’s scientific publications.

The University Post / Universitetsavisen has got permission from Olivier H. Beauchesne and Science-Metrix to show a snapshot of the map – the interactive map of the whole world can be viewed in its entirety here.

You can zoom in and out of universities in any country. If you zoom in on Denmark, it appears that the University of Copenhagen collaborates with a lot of places north and west of the university – private companies, Roskilde University and the Technical University of Denmark, among others.

Numbers and distance

Olivier H. Beauchesne explains his work, which covers international research from the period of 2005-2009, to the online paper Ingeniø

»If a scientist at the University of California publishes an article with a colleague from the University of Tokyo, it will show up on the map as a connection between Los Angeles and Tokyo. The result of this process becomes a series of connections between cities. The intensity of the light of the lines is determined by the amount of collaborations and the distance between the cities.«

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