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Short Fridays cost the economy DKK 7.5bn

The lazy Danish tradition of leaving work early on Friday is a drag on the national economy

A new ‘travel habits’ survey shows that the Danish custom of leaving work early on Friday is costing the economy DKK 7.5bn, reports and

Commuters in their own cars leave work around 35 minutes earlier on Friday, and those using public transport shave nine minutes off their working week. At the same time, a survey by Megafon for Politiken shows that 43 per cent of all employees leave early on Fridays.

Labour market researcher Henning Jørgensen of Aalborg University said people see Friday afternoon as part of an extended weekend.

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Govt. talk of public holiday cut

»There’s been a change of mentality because Friday is no longer considered a whole workday. As weekend approaches people have a tendency to head for the door,« he says.

The government is currently aiming to improve public finances with DKK 4bn by cutting the number of public holidays or asking people to work longer hours.

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