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Small talk will get you a Danish job

Networking essential to finding a job in Denmark, especially for international students

In the search for a job in Denmark, it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.

Today Thursday 7 October, the university alumni association Kubulus will teach 50 international students about the art of networking in a Danish context.

While the event tonight is already booked out, the University Post was able to meet up with the organisers, so we could give out some tips.

Small talk for beginners

Networking is essential to finding job opportunities in Denmark, according to Signe Nielsen, alumni relations’ officer and event coordinator.

The focus at tonight’s event will be on small talk. And for good reason. According to Nielsen many students find it awkward to initiate.

But it is important in striking up a conversation with a prospective employer. Practical exercises will be used in order for students to practice small talk and other skills.

People like to be introduced

So what is so different about the Danish context? A large percentage of vacant jobs in Denmark can only be found through networking, Nielsen says.

»Most people I know would like to be introduced to someone before they meet them,« says Signe. The same, paradoxically, applies to Danish employers. This is in effect the argument for networking. Danish employers »are outgoing – once you get to know us!«, she says.

Networking is in effect what will get you into the Danish workforce.

Not rocket science

Nielsen herself knows what it is like to be an international student. During her Master’s Nielsen studied abroad in Berlin.

It was difficult to meet people because the university was in the city centre. However, she found her network through joining a gymnastics team.

It’s not »rocket science« that will be presented, she says, referring to Thursdays event.

»I hope it will be fun and encourage students to meet new people«.

Although tonight’s event has already reached capacity, there are more to come.

Students must be members of Kubulus to join in on the events (it’s free!).

Check out the Kubulus website for more information.