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So, did they ever meet again? Here are the Christmas blind dating stats

Who said 'once was enough' and who are still going strong? We wanted to find out how many of our blind daters, are still dating

It was all ‘lights, camera, action!’, during December when 48 University Post readers met each other for a blind date – all in hope of a ‘Christmas Crush’.

Each date was briefly visited by a University Post reporter who asked a few random questions, snapped a picture and then left the rest to destiny.

Now it is time to look back. How did the dates go? Did people go for a second round? Are anyone still seeing each other? And would they do it all again?

If you get to a second date, then…

In a questionnaire sent out by the University Post earlier this week on condition of full anonymity, 14 participants replied. The 14 responses, represented 13 couples. 8 of them said that they went on a second date. This is a 61 per cent second date success rate (although purists will argue that there is good reason to believe that there is a lower success rate among those that didn’t reply to us).

Out of the 6 that didn’t go on a second date, only one person said she would probably not participate again, whereas the rest all echoed each other, saying that it had been a great experience. “Try this at home, kids”, one girl wrote.

Of the 8 ‘second date’ respondents, three said that him/her and their date and are still going strong. The last five said that they are in contact with their date and that they are planning to see each other again. This means that all of the second daters are still in contact, although several of these have had their romance interrupted by going-home-for-Christmas plans, they said.

Readers read a ‘romance vibe’ into the photos

While the dating participants tested their compatibility, our readers tried to anticipate how the dates would go based on the on-the-spot interview and picture.

For the eight couples that all went on second dates, the University Post readers guessed correctly on all, yes all, of them.

The couple deemed most likely to see each other again was Dom and Charlotte with 80 per cent of the readers backing them. We can not (because of the anonymity condition) say whether or not, Dom and Charlotte are among the respondents, or whether they are seeing each other again.

On the downside, our readers seem to see a romantic vibe, where it is not. Of the six couples that didn’t go on a second date, the readers had only foreseen the romantic failure of two of them.

Can we have a summer edition?

Most of the respondents said that the visiting reporter didn’t cause any problems. In fact, many said that it helped start a conversation.

One person said she felt embarrassed reading her article and seeing her picture again on the University Post. But apart from her, most could agree with the respondent who said:

“Let’s make a summer edition!”

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