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Sociology department: Blockade was 'unacceptable'

In an open letter, sociology heads reject the students' claim that they have been offered 'no dialogue' before cutbacks to teaching

The department head, and the head of studies at the Department of Sociology now reject student claims of cutbacks and lack of dialogue in an open letter. This is after student blockades and protests that included picketing in front of doors to the sociology building not letting anyone in or out.

“At the latest, last Tuesday we held a study board meeting, where precisely these things were discussed. The head of department took part in this meeting to ensure a wide dialogue. Later on the head of studies met with the club of those teaching staff who do the exercises,” writes Carsten Strøby Jensen, Head of Department at the Department of Sociology and Charlotte Baarts, Head of Studies.

“We cannot therefore recognise a ‘lack of dialogue,” they write in a letter that has been published on our Danish-language university news site (in Danish here).

More exercises, not less

“This is what surprised us Thursday about the occupation of the Department of Sociology. We would like to say that we find this occupation unacceptable. It has prevented our employees from going to work. And it has prevented us from holding a long-planned department day, where all students and employees should have met to discuss professional issues,” they write.

The head of department and head of studies say that in total, the department will use more ressources on the exercise teaching than ever before.

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