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Sofie is the star of fashion

She has style in her lifestyle, a fashionable choice of clothes, and the readers and viewers to prove it: For this student, dressing well is what pays her bills

Thousands read Sofie’s student fashion blog, and she has become a bit of a celebrity.

“I write about my everyday life, fashion, food and so much more,” Sofie sums it up to the University Post.

Sofie is 25 years old and currently doing her Master’s in Danish at the University of Copenhagen. Readers are apparently interested in her everyday life as a young student and are interested in what she wears, how she eats, where she lives and what she likes: Sofie runs one of Denmark’s biggest lifestyle blogs – simply called

Woman in black

Sofie started her blog in 2009, right after she came home from a trip to Australia and New Zealand.

“I had no job and a lot of free time, so I figured I could make a blog just like the ones I just started reading back then. Everything is very down to earth”, she says. Fashion, of course, is a big part in the blog’s content and you could describe Sofie’s style as typical Scandinavian.

“Less is definitely more in my ‘book’! I like simple pieces and solid colours. I almost never wear jewellery, and when I do, the pieces are very simple. I think my style is quite Scandinavian – I do wear a lot of black”, she laughs.

At home and abroad

Her readers apparently like the simplicity of her outfits. And the Danish brand envii seems to have noticed her talent: Sofie is currently launching the third collection she designed for the brand and there are already three more in stock.

The majority of Sofies blog readers come from Denmark, but there is a growing number from all over the world. To allow them to follow her everyday life, each Danish blog post also contains a short translation in English.

“I started writing English summaries when I was on exchange in Amsterdam last year, so my new friends could follow my blog”, she says.

Readership helps in study project

On campus people ask about her blog and she often meets fellow students who are also regular readers. Her blog has been used for exercises at university and sometimes she would even receive photos of her blog projected onto big screens in classes, from students whose professors have included it in a presentation.

“Some of my professors know about the blog too, because I’ve written about it in my papers. It’s not always easy to tell whether or not people know though, because the Danes like to play it cool and not always come up to me, even if the recognize me”, Sofie says.

Sofie includes her studies in her blog and now and then she benefits from her loyal readership: “I sometimes write about what I learn in school, for instance I told my readers about my Bachelor’s thesis. I also used their help when I had to make a presentation about annoying spelling mistakes. I got more than 10.000 answers for my poll in a few days, so my professor was quite satisfied with the project”, she says.

24 hour job

Work on the blog takes up a lot of time in Sofie’s life – sometimes she spends hours on it when she would rather be studying. But when it comes down to it, the blog is her job.

“The blog pays my bills, but this semester I’ve been doing an internship as well, which is 25-30 hours a week, so it’s been rough. Especially when it is still dark when I leave home and dark again when I come back. No light to take ‘outfit pictures’! Somehow I manage to do it, but it definitely stresses me out sometimes”, she says.

The interview is over. Sofie laughs and says that it is the University Post’s fault if she didn’t have the time to make a blog post for the next day.

We checked her blog the following day. Somehow, she had found the time to upload a new entry anyway. You can also follow her on Instagram.

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