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Spotted: Students at Roskilde Festival 2015

Some are volunteering to save cash on the hefty ticket price, others are here for the first time. Denmark's festival-ready students take to Roskilde 2015

It’s dusty, arms and necks sport bright-pink sunburns, the sky is uncharacteristically cloudless and the ground characteristically littered with empty beer cups, while heavy beats thunder through the air. The smell; unmistakably hot dogs and urine. Paul McCartney’s set to play.

It is Northern Europe’s largest music festival. Roskilde 2015 is in full swing, and among the approximately 160 000 festival-goers are many of Denmark’s students.

“The atmopshere is really good this year. We’ve got great weather” agree medicine student Sofie Pærregaard and Geography Masters student Oliver Rees. (Photo: Lena Rutkowski)

It’s Andreas Andersen’s first time at Roskilde Festival, and he’s working one of the bars in the campsite. The China Studies student calls it ‘nice, calm work’. Volunteering at Roskilde means free entry to the festival and a range of other perks. (Photo: Lena Rutkowski)

Rhetoric student Ditte Mousing and audiology student Maja Hansen are also volunteering at the festival, cycling around a drinks cart. “It’s cool, fun work and you get to talk to people. The only problem is sunburn” says Maja. (Photo: Lena Rutkowski)

Quyen Hoang and Siri Wistoft both study architectural engineering. Their must see act was Danish indie-rock band ‘Mew’, who performed on the Orange Stage on Friday night. (Photo: Lena Rutkowski)

Sarah Skafte and Charlotte Lausten study Communications combinations at Roskilde University. They loved Muse’s concert on Thursday night. (Photo: Lena Rutkowski)

Søren Yde Halse and Thomas Vdromat Hostrup have a volunteer pass because they helped build the backstage area behind the Orange Stage. “It was great to get away from the books and do some hands-on construction work, plus we finished everything last weekend so we’re free to enjoy all the shows” says law student Søren. (Photo: Lena Rutkowski)

Astrid Gormitzka and Agnete Sig Petersen are Anthropology students from Aalborg. For Agnete, the best show so far was outrageous South African rap outfit ‘Die Antwoord’ on Thursday night. “I still have the glitter in my hair from that show” she says. (Photo: Lena Rutkowski)

Bror Kampmann Kirkegaard and Louisa Haugaard Pedersen both study at the University of Copenhagen. They’re most excited about Saturday night’s final performances, legendary Paul McCartney and British producer ‘Jamie XX’. (Photo: Lena Rutkowski)

Hjalte Jørgensen studies Datalogy at the University of Copenhagen and it’s his first time ever at Roskilde. He stole the hat from University Post staff Lena, who interviewed him. (Photo: Lena Rutkowski)

Students Marie Goodstein, Sofie Tonø, and Natasha Jarak pose for a shot while in a long queue. There are crowds everywhere at Roskilde, but luckily the weather is holding strong. (Photo: Lena Rutkowski)

Agricultural Economics student Naeim Samandari and Psychology student Mads Heideman cool down with ice cream. They were wowed by British electronic band ‘Hot Chip’ on Thursday night. “Amazing” says Mads. (Photo: Lena Rutkowski)

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