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Spreading the Danish Dream worldwide

Denmark knows how to endear itself to us, but now dozens of student ambassadors want to spread the word overseas as well. Wanna join them?

Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps started to collaborate with the University of Copenhagen three years ago. Its main focus: link companies with the potential of young students to awake interest in Denmark back in their home countries – or wherever they will go.

Furthermore, Denmark’s culture, business and academic opportunities are also promoted through the activities organised by these ambassadors.

In return, the chosen hundred students develop a valuable network of companies, leaders, and more talented students. And guess what? You can join them now.

Fairy tales go to India…

“What differentiates our corps from other student organizations is the opportunities to engage influential leaders, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders in round-table discussions” says Jason Breaux, Branding Project Manager from Copenhagen Capacity.

And when given tools and support, the ambassadors’ talent and creativity seems to respond “Youth ambassadors are coming up with exciting and creative ways to market Denmark abroad” continues Breaux.

As an example, Breaux mentions Siddharth Sareen, a PhD student from UPCH “who arranged a series of creative promotions in India this past May” involving Hans Christian Andersen, his stories, and a theatre group.

…and jobs to Copenhagen

But not everything is a fairy tale. The truth is, the competition among clubs and organisations for attracting talented foreign students is fierce. When asked about what the Corps can offer, Breaux proudly states “the Corps provides our youth ambassadors with access to leaders across all sectors of Danish politics, businesses and organizations.”

Danish Monarchy, ministers… their Facebook page is full of examples. However, if meeting the crème de la crème from Denmark isn’t enough for awaking your interest, maybe a job is.

“Our youth ambassadors have a much easier time finding internships and student jobs and full-time positions after completing their studies than most international students”, affirms Breaux.

Do you want to apply? They’ve already started the online application, which will be over the 11 September at midnight. Check out their website and Facebook page for more info. You can also see the Youth Ambassadors trailer here.

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