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Spy professor given five months jail

Finnish professor Timo Kivimäki found guilty at court after secret proceedings: Five months prison

[Editor’s note 28 August 2014: Timo Kivomäki was found guilty under the Danish paragraph 108, the so-called mild espionage paragraph, on 31 May 2012. Mild espionage is defined as aiding a foreign intelligence service without directly researching for them or informing for them. He was given a five month prison sentence. A resumé of the court’s decision can be found here. He served two and a half months in home arrest and four days of community service]

49-year old Professor at the University of Copenhagen Timo Kiwimäki has been found guilty of espionage. This is according to the ruling from the court in Glostrup today Thursday, write and

The Professor is charged under section 108 of the Danish Penal Code also referred to as the ‘mild espionage section’ for alleged spying for the Russians.

He has been given five months prison. The legal reasoning behind the ruling was not explained in more detail by the court.

Court still deciding on secrecy

The professor was in court next to his defending lawyer Anders Nemeth for the ruling wearing a dark suit, light shirt without a tie, the media write.

The town court and the Eastern High court had ruled that the trial should take place in secrecy, with the specific charge against the professor also a secret, for political reasons specifically Denmark’s relations to Russia.

The Supreme Court is presently deciding on whether this secrecy should be upheld.

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