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Squabble over campus campaign goes to the top

University of Copenhagen forced to change its rules against political campaigning on campus, as Social Democrat medical student's flyers case ended at the Minister of Education's office

Medical student Maja Holt Højgaard has been asked to leave campus twice within the last two weeks. She has been canvassing for her political party, and sharing campaign material with her fellow students.

Maja who is trying to get herself re-elected for the regional council at the local elections for the Social Democrats had been giving out her visiting card and inviting fellow students to engage with her in discussions.

But this was stopped, as the University of Copenhagen would not allow political, commercial or religious propaganda on campus.

Students need the politics

The University of Copenhagen’s vice director for communications Jasper Steen Winkel said to Danish broadcaster DR Thursday that »if we were to allow this, then it must be student organisations or something cross-political, where all parties are allowed to be heard. There is not enough room for all candidates to stand up and start sharing out election materials. This they must do in public space.«

But the Maja Holt Højgaard case has suddenly had wider political repercussions. Minister of Education Morten Østergaard met up with the countries’ university rectors Tuesday and has forced a University U-turn.

Yes. Candidates are allowed to campaign for three weeks prior to the election:

“Precisely students, are hard to get to turn up for the ballots, and it is important that they have the chance to meet the candidates,” he says.

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