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Staff asked for Christmas Card, and they got it

Managers probably feared that their demands would be far worse

There was to be no more official University of Copenhagen Christmas cards. Considered unnecessary by management, the University’s own card was abandoned in 2010, symbolic of the many cuts to expenses.

Staff and students were informed on KUnet late November, that if they wanted to send a University of Copenhagen Christmas card, they could purchase cards that had been printed in previous years, still available in limited numbers.

Maybe the old Christmas cards, some with imprints of 2007 and 2006, suddenly became a hot item. At any rate, by the start of December, the old cards had sold out like hot cakes. Staff and students who weren’t quick off the mark, were left with nothing to say: Season’s Greetings.

But now this is all history. Buried like a ghost of Christmas past.

Xmas frustrations

Or not.

At the New Year’s breakfast briefing Tuesday, the Christmas Card saga was suddenly and unexpectedly opened up with a new and surprising twist.

‘Question Time’ during the New Year breakfast briefing for university administrators, had management confronted with staff frustrations. What about the official Christmas Card in 2011? The question would not go away.

No going back

Prorector Thomas Bjørnholm replied to the maybe 200 staff present at the meeting:

»Did you miss it?,« he asked, maybe surprised, maybe caught off balance.

»YES!« the multitude responded, and there was no going back for the Prorector.

»OK, we’ll make one!«