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Staff reject merger plan in key committee

Rector's plan to merge Science and Life; Pharma and Health faculties not supported by staff in advisory body HSU

Staff representatives on a key university advisory committee, the HSU, now protest publicly against management plans to merge four faculties.

They do this in an open letter to the University Board.

»There is wide resistance to parts of the re-organisation. And this resistance is not shown adequately in the committee’s reporting to the Board. The University of Copenhagen management has almost completely overheard the objections from the many affected staff members and maintain their so-called rough sketch of the merger,« the staff write.

‘Show process’

The staff members of the HSU criticise what they call a »show process«, where the big decisions have been taken already.

They argue for what they call real influence on the part of staff.

»In all large structural changes, staff must have a high degree of real co-influence in planning, decision making and in the implementation phase. Vi expect the Board to uphold this,« the staff write.

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