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Staff reps: There will be no layoffs

Staff at the University of Copenhagen (U of C) can breathe a sigh of relief. There are no plans to make anyone redundant in 2010, say staff representatives after being briefed by the management

There are no plans to fire staff despite the U of C perhaps loosing DKK 150 million worth of funding from the Ministry of Science as a consequence of the Government’s new budget proposal. This is according to employee representatives referring to a management briefing Friday 4 September.

According to Poul Erik Krogshave, deputy head of the co-operative body HSU, staff have received a clear statement from the Rector, Ralf Hemmingsen, to this effect. U of C management and staff place their trust in being able to receive a large portion of the DKK 881 million in the so-called Globalisation Pool. Funding which is currently up for political negotiation.

»We have to live with uncertainty about the U of C finances right until November, but we are used to it,« says Poul Erik Krogshave, vice chairman of the HSU. He adds that he expects the clear statement by Rector Ralf Hemmingsen to have cleared away any uncertainty.