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Staff satisfied with jobs

Glowing overall review for University of Copenhagen in workplace assessment

Four out of every five scientists and staff members at the University of Copenhagen report that they are satisfied with their jobs.

This is according to the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) workplace assessment survey (APV) which got 6,639 responses.

And according to the analysis which was carried out by Ramboll, the overall job satisfaction at the University of Copenhagen is high compared to companies of similar size.

Who makes the decisions here?

Respondents were asked to agree or disagree on a number of statements. The statement ‘my work tasks are meaningful’ got the highest score in terms of agreement followed by ‘I have an appropriate influence over my research tasks’ ‘my work tasks are interesting and challenging’ ‘I am satisfied with my job as a whole’ and ‘I experience a satisfactory follow-up on the agreed development plan’.

It was not all good however: Non-Danish respondents experience language discrimination, they say. See article and comments here.

And decision-making procedures at the University of Copenhagen are, apparently, not always clear. The following statements get a low score: ‘I am sufficiently involved when the Dean makes important decisions affecting my work’ and ‘When decisions are made that are important to my work, then it is clear where the decisions have been taken’.

Rector: Wants dialogue

Rector Ralf Hemmingsen is open about the fact that management scores could be better.

»It is good that the employees are happy with their work. It is an essential foundation for an institution that works with knowledge. But what I do believe we can do better is to strengthen the internal involvement and communication at all levels.«

»We need to take ownership in and of the University as a whole. As is the case with many large organisations, management does not receive top scores. Therefore, I am now considering holding meetings with those department councils who are interested, in order to strengthen the direct dialogue with the departments«.

Less bullying of co-workers

Surprisingly since the disruption in connection with the recent merger between four faculties, there is no noticeable difference in the working environment between the faculties, reports

The APV shows 382 cases of bullying a drop over last year, and in spite of a nationwide increase, reports

»We take the APV very seriously. It gives food for thought. Bullying is unacceptable. Management, co-workers, union representatives should be able to stop it by common means. I will on the whole, along with the rest of the management at UCPH, work to get a good process that ensures we follow up the survey thoroughly. It should serve as a tool to further dialogue between employees and managers,« says Ralf Hemmingsen.

The full UCPH report is due for release some time in January 2013.

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