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Stats: Danes live longer and complain more

New stats from Statistics Denmark reveals that life expectancy is up and the average age of first time mothers is up as well

Danes. They smoke less than ever before, have children later in life, complain more, and there are 5.56 million of them.

This is from the latest population census from Statistics Denmark, according to Danish newspaper and our media partner

Over half of the Danes are between 20 and 59 and one in four are under 19 or over 60. The average life expectancy in Denmark today is 77.1, compared to 53 for men and 56 for women at the start of the 1900′s, and 72 in the 1970′s.

Smoke less, go to Spain

According to the new national figures from Statistics Denmark most Danes have longer lives ahead of them than their grandparents.

One in four Danes smoke compared to half in 1980. Women are, on average, 29 when they first give birth, five years later than in 1970. Tolerance for crime has lessened: Nearly half a million incidents were reported in 2010, four times as many as in 1950.

The richest Danes reside in the Copenhagen region, with the highest household incomes in Gentofte. Nationally, the average family had a disposable income of DKK 316,800 in 2010 and Spain was the most popular holiday destination. 13 per cent of all holidays longer than four nights were spent there.

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