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Strangers and surprises to attract party guests

Studenterhuset will be filled with a ‘Feast of Strangers’ and surprise performance as The University Post invites everyone to first ever party

Meet a stranger, share a drink, win a prize, have a dance and leave the night as friends.

Starting in 2009 University Post now has over one thousand facebook friends, five thousand active newsletter subscribers and 25 thousand readers a week. To celebrate that success we are hosting a party to thank our readers. You, fans and friends are invited to come and join the festivities.

With extended happy hour, quiz and an opportunity to meet new people it will be held at Studenterhuset Friday March 16 2012.

Breaking the ice

Walk in, meet a stranger and make a friend.

Pre-DJ the University Post party will give you an opportunity to talk to strangers and host a news-based quiz in order to circumvent that natural coolness Danes are famous for. Hopefully you will get to know an even wider circle of friends.

Inspired by British philosopher Theodore Zeldin, who invited strangers to his birthday party, thus creating the first ‘Feast of Strangers’. Zeldin’s idea of breaking the ice between strangers in the modern world has also been the topic of this performance.

Getting the prize

Talking with a stranger is one thing. Sharing a beer with a new friend another – and perhaps just as important.

This is made easier by a happy hour lasting until 10 pm. Here you can get a can of beer or soda for 15 DKK or use the University Post postcard to get it for free. Cheap enough to buy drinks for two.

Next, why not compete together with new friends against old. A quiz made by University Post editor, Mike Young, especially for this night will get your blood boiling and voices raised. There are prizes at stake.

Let the bodies talk

In a former social experiment, The University Post discovered, that bodies do the most important talking when meeting new friends at Studenterhusets ‘International Night’.

Will this be true for the University Post party?

Find out on the the dancefloor. The University Post has invited the DJ from ‘International Night’ to get the party started.

Mid-March-night’s dream

Stay and dance with The University Post till morning, but don’t be surprised if Shakespeare and his friends appear. This night will be full of surprises – a mid-March-night’s dream?

Visit our Facebook event page for more details and pictures – and confirm your attendance.

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