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Student café gets a make over

Studenterhuset will close its doors for five months at the start of June. The university is paying for extensive renovations

The Student Café (Studenterhuset), a favoured bar and hang-out spot for University of Copenhagen students, will temporarily close its doors on 4 June for five months of renovations. It will re-open on 30 October 2010.

The popular International Night on Wednesdays, along with other concerts and events, will continue for the rest of May.

While Studenterhuset is known for it’s free-flowing alcohol, manager Kristian Skjøth Madsen, hopes the renovations will serve as a make-over for its atmosphere.

More than just cheap beer

»We want it to stop being just a drinking hole,« he explains. »We want all students to come here and feel at home, since it’s their house.«

He feels that more diversified and non-alcoholic events in the revamped House could benefit international students new to Copenhagen.

»International students need the Student House a lot more than the Danish students,« he says. »They come here to network and to make friends that will last for their whole stay in Denmark.«

New English website

University of Copenhagen, who owns the building, is funding the renovations that Kristian says are 20 years overdue.

»Nobody is going to be able to recognize how the downstairs looks when they come back,« he says. »It’s a unique opportunity to start over.«

The renovations are coupled with new staff positions, such as an event coordinator and contracted student volunteers.

Kristian also guarantees a bilingual Danish-English website by the Autumn to improve accessibility for international students.