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Student Council votes in new chairperson

University of Copenhagen student organisation elects 23 yr-old Anne Bie Hansen as new leader

Representatives of the Student Council have voted in a new chairperson, Anne Bie Hansen, as well as a new board.

The United Student Council is a student organisation which is designed to ensure that students are represented in the decision-making process throughout the university.

Until this last weekends election, 23 year old Anne Bie Hansen held the post of vice-chairperson, which has now been taken over by ethnology student Bjarke Rubow.

New political programme

The 60 attendees at the meeting decided that the United Student Council are to focus on students’ living conditions. This includes economic issues and the study environment at the university. The council will run a week-long campaign at the start of the spring semester.

Not going soft

However, the focus on local issues, in no way indicates that the United Student council has gone soft on more politically charged issues such as fees for students, Anne Bie Hansen says:

»Students fees and the taxi-meter system [the government grant given to faculties based on pass-rates – ed.] are part of our daily work«.