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Student fights high prices with Fashion Week event

One international student is tired of ridiculously overpriced restaurants and impossible exclusive guest lists. She has introduced the concept of guerilla dining to Copenhagen.

»Even a Caesar salad costs DKK 125 here. As a student I am appalled.«

Tiffany Ng, a Masters student from San Francisco studying at the University of Copenhagen voices a complaint made by the majority of international students adjusting to life here.

Good food, fair price

Now Tiffany, alongside her full time studies of International Law, Economics and Management, has started a business providing good quality food at prices even students can afford.

It is Fashion Week in Copenhagen, and she is hosting an official event, with cocktails, a three course meal, fashion shows, art and the chance to mingle with upcoming designers.

As Tiffany’s personal mission is to keep the event affordable and accessible, you can be part of the glitz and glamour for just DKK 225.


»Silver Spoon is offering the public an opportunity for a complete cultural experience. In many ways, you can consider it an artistic experience, from the food to the fashion show, to the artwork, to the music, all provided by new names,« writes Tiffany in the invitation.

Guerilla dining should be understood as an »ephemeral restaurant« explains Tiffany.

Tiffany Ng’s company Silver Spoon takes over an unused space, such as a garage or a cultural centre, and turns it into a restaurant for a single, unconventional event before breaking down and moving on, leaving the place as if nothing had ever happened.

Night to remember

The Fashion Week event, on Saturday 13 February promises to be a night to remember with an international line-up of guests. Guests can meet artists and designers, view their works of art during a cocktail hour, enjoy a 3-course menu complete with a fashion show by designer duo RosaBryndis, and party to hot DJ beats all night.

There are three ticket levels, depending on how deep into your overdraft you are:

1. DKK 225:
Cocktail hour + Dinner + Shows + Club (17:30-05:00)

2. DKK 100:
Cocktail hour + Shows + Club (19:00-05:00)

3. DKK 50:
Club (23:00-05:00). Beer costs DKK 30.

For more information or to book pre-sale tickets, please write to