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Student film captures the experience of being an outsider

Short film made by international film and media student was inspired by the director's experience as a newcomer to Copenhagen

A foosball (table football) player transforms itself into a human and spends a night discovering the delights of Copenhagen.

That’s the story behind ‘Ballad to a Toy’, a short film produced by international film and media students at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH).

Echoing the fairy tale by famous Danish author H.C. Andersen where a toy soldier comes to life, the film aims to present the touching and sweet side of discovering a new city for the first time.

I feel like the foosball player

Director Peter Becz is a Hungarian student who was inspired by his own experience as a novice in Copenhagen and made the film with “a very international bunch” of students he says to the University Post.

“The story is touching for me because I’m a foreigner. It captures my first moments in Copenhagen, where everything so strange and new and I was fascinated by every little detail. I feel like the foosball player in the film. That was the main inspiration – experiencing something brand new.”

Becz credits the film programme at UCPH for inspiration and support. “Our teacher helped us a lot to develop our ideas and motivated us in many ways. I am overall very thankful to the University.”

See the film below:

[video: width:532 height:424 align:center]

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