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Student frustration: Five weeks to get CPR number

Queues for student registration are longer than ever at the International House

There are now waiting times of up to five weeks to process the paperwork to get CPR numbers. And frustrated students are contacting staff, looking for answers on why it takes so long, according to the International House.

International students’ CPR numbers are handled by the International House. Normally, it takes four to five days for an application to be processed. A CPR is a personal registration number, which is a must-have if you live in Denmark.

“We are working extra hours and drafting people from other parts of the organisation to help. It is difficult because we are only open for five hours,” says Bente Flyvholm, a staff member at the International House.

Number of applications keeps increasing

The number of new students applying for a CPR number in Copenhagen is increasing every year. This year is no exception, according to the International House. In the space of five hours a day, the staff at the International House in Gyldenløvesgade can now handle over 400 enquiries. The team of 12 are doing everything they can to process the hundreds of applications they receive every day, they say.

One challenge facing the staff at the International House is confusion surrounding addresses, according to Bente Flyvholm.

”Many people are confused about which floor they live on, because of the Danish word ”stue”. Some are writing that they live on the second floor, when they are really on the first. For each application we have to check the address and tenant records, this takes a lot of time,” she says.

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