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Student gallery celebrates five year anniversary

Gallery is a breathing room for students, allowing them to be involved at the university without the same stress that studying and lectures entail

The Humanity Faculty’s Library will be filled with exciting, new art pieces from December as the Student Gallery celebrates its 5 year anniversary and hosts yet another biannual exhibition.

Works are now to be presented at the IKK festival in collaboration with the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies and KUBIS-HUM.

”Sometimes I think it’s good for students to focus on something other than their studies,” explains volunteer for the Student Gallery, Anne Grøn Enghave Johnsen, ”the university can be a meeting place for something else, and [this gallery] is a way for people to keep up the energy at the university.”

Creativity as a driving force

The Student Gallery’s winter exhibition is putting creativity at the center of their event and using a clever theme to stimulate different ideas.

The theme UNDER VAND—OVERFLOD can be best translated as UNDER WATER—ABUNDANCE. However, ‘over flod’ can also mean ‘over river’. This allows students to interpret the suggestion differently and provide a wider range of pieces.

”We got about 50 works in all genres: photography, painting, sculpture and there was even a poem. They are from many different students that submitted pieces, not just at KUA, but also in, for example, psychology and even an art student from Aarhus. There are many different interpretations of the theme,” says another volunteer, Ida Susanne Lehrmann Madsen, who has previously submitted pieces to the gallery and volunteers behind the scenes now.

Inspiration for the artists

The name isn’t the only aspect leaving for creative motivation, as Student Gallery is also pushing students to look back at former artists and use different materials. This makes students think of, for instance, what materials artists could use working underwater.

Another such inspiration the gallery used is the Danish artist Else Alfelt’s work The earth—the water and the mountains. The piece represents how water is life, dangerous as well as fanciful.

They will also host a workshop in the spring based on the next exhibition’s theme. ”Last year we had a workshop that used recycled materials to create a new future. It fed into the theme about sci-fi,” says Madsen.

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