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Student handcuffed for talking back

Youtube: Milwaukee student arrested by armed police after argument with lecturer

The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee is receiving widespread and unwanted attention this week as a video of a classroom altercation, ending in the arrest of a female student, has emerged on YouTube.

This is according to education news site

The episode was filmed secretly by another student in the class.

The video in which three police officers wrestled the student to the floor, has been viewed over 350,000 times.

Exam dispute

The anthropology student who was arrested has been identified by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as 24-year-old Robyn Foster. She argued with her professor about an examination question.

Foster apparently felt the question was worded poorly and questioned her instructor.

She also threw a water bottle at another student who intervened and refused to leave when the armed police arrived.

See the video here below.

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