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Student homeless protest at City Hall

To the annoyance of the pan flute players, tourists, not to mention the real homeless, students are pitching tents and handing out homeless student newspapers on the City Hall Square

Angry, but well-meaning students, are to set up camp at Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square) between 14:00-17:00 today. During those three hours they will hand out ‘homeless student newspapers’ in protest against the lack of student housing in Copenhagen municipality.

Soaring rent, decrepit halls of residence, and waiting lists so long that you can manage to complete your education in the time that it takes. You can be hired and fired before you have a chance to occupy a home bigger than you can just swing a cat in.

These are the conditions that have led Danish student bodies DSF and StudenterRådet to organize this happening, depicting a future worst-case scenario: A tent-camp for homeless students.

Students warn politicians

The event is supposed to remind politicians and lazy students that action needs to be taken to avoid an actual housing crisis for young people, in time for the municipal election on Tuesday 17 November.

The students will share out a ‘homeless student’ newspaper, which will explain how necessary it is to solve the problems quickly, and suggest how to avoid students living on the City Hall Square in tents.

If you don’t mind reading the Danish, you can learn more about the event here.